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Knowledge is the eye of all

The literal translation of the line "Sarvam tat prajnanetram" of the Aitareya upanisad is "Everything that exists has knowledge as its eye". This apparently simple line capable of a numerous interpretations is to be understood only within its context. It is not a eulogy of the knowledge that we pursue in our worldly life, nor does it encourage us to gather more and more information. It does not even mean to understand the things in their scientific context so that their knowledge can be utilized for more and more advanced technology to appease the wants of man. The real intention of this line of the Upanisad is this that the entire ranges of existence from the tiniest particle to the greatest universe can meaningfully exist only with reference to a knowledge-situation.

And every knowledge-situation points to a cosmic knowledge-context which has its basis the unbound cosmic consciousness termed as Brahman in the Upanisads.

In the sub-human level, sensory knowledge predominates; in the human, there is rational knowledge as well; in gifted conditions, intuitive knowledge occurs. From the lowest to the highest knowledge-situation, everywhere, it is the light of knowledge that reveals the things. So our search consummates when it is directed not to the things that are revealed but to the self which is the root of all revelations.

In ordinary level we use "knowledge" in the attributive sense as belonging to somebody. Commonly it is also under- stood to be necessarily object-oriented. But its true nature, non-contextual and non-attributive, is only realized by a few, though it is the universal goal and the destination of all. It is not only the revealer but also the basis of all.