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Knowledge is the eye of all. All the things of the world are based on knowledge. Knowledge is the basis of the universe. Knowledge is the Supreme Reality. – Aitareya Upanisad

All conditioning is impermanent. All conditioning is suffering. All conditioning is non-self. One who sees this with wisdom gets rid of suffering.

Blind is the world. Only a few see clearly. Only a few, like birds escaping the net, go to the realms of bliss.

Just like a lotus, born in the mud, grown in the mud and rising above the mud - I, born in this world, grown up in this world, having risen above this world, live unsmeared by it. – Siddhartha Gautama
Dr. Haramohan Mishra We perceive the things of the world, conceive them, evaluate their usefulness and agreeability to our senses, form some conception of value, try either to accept them or reject them depending upon their agreeability to us, thus, think that our sole purpose of existence is confronting the things of the world.

We do this in many different ways, in innumerable manners, relevant to our countless situations and different idiosyncrasies, peculiar to each of us. These processes have become automatic and spontaneous, and hardly we have time to reflect on what we are doing.

It is time to pause a little and think over the validity of our ideas and perceptions, try to discover our own reality in the web of life, and ascertain the purposefulness of life and existence.

Who am I? Why am I here? What is the world that we experience? - The answer remains hidden in the depth of our own being. Let us reflect, seek, contemplate and find it.
- Dr. Haramohan Mishra
Dr. Minati Mishra The finite things of the world are unable to give us infinite happiness.
Running after the path of pleasure (preyas) does not help anybody to get endless peace (sreyas).
- Dr. Minati Mishra
Prakashatma Human beings are conditioned creatures who compete with others because of cultural conditioning.

They desire more things, more power and more fame deluded by conditioning.
They condition their children again, and the process keeps repeating, leading to cycles of entanglement and suffering.

Happiness is not obtained through competition and wealth. It is obtained by being content with simple things that are easy to have, and by associating with those who are happy with simple things.
- Prakashatma